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Tax Litigation

Mike Conner sees the big picture for his corporate clients. With a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Georgia, Mr. Conner has the acumen and insight to offer superior representation for a variety of business and tax matters. His academic background in accounting combined with his professional experience as a corporate attorney enable him to effectively negotiate favorable resolutions for his clients in tax disputes.

During his career, he has represented giant clients like BellSouth Telephone Company, the Southern Company, International Paper, Zurich Insurance Company and HSBC Bank to manage substantial and complex business interests. He approaches business matters and transactions with an understanding of the tax consequences for companies, company owners, shareholders and stockholders. He can provide invaluable counsel and guidance on tax ramifications during complex acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and divestitures. While he has a strong knowledge base in all tax areas, Mr. Conner specializes in corporate, partnership and fiduciary tax matters.

Mr. Conner’s tax clients range in size from small companies to large corporations, and his experience spans a variety of legal areas that include tax disputes and litigation, audit advisements, assessments and appeals. He has represented clients in administrative proceedings, in actions before the United States Tax Court, and before federal district courts, state courts and tribunals.

In order to be sure that he advises his clients as thoroughly as possible, he maintains a comprehensive knowledge of local, state and federal tax laws and regulations while also monitoring the latest revisions of the tax codes, tax law changes and any court decisions regarding taxes. Mr. Conner’s diligence and preparation enables him to arm his clients with timely, accurate legal advice which gives them the knowledge they need to satisfy their business tax obligations while also allowing them to realize any advantages to avoid penalties and minimize payments.