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Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights

The Conner Law Group provides unparalleled service to corporate, commercial and institutional
entities who encounter difficult business problems related to financially-challenged entities.
These problems may relate to a debtor, a customer, a competitor, a related company or
members, shareholders or owners of any one of them, each of whom may be having difficultly
meeting their financial obligations. The Conner Law Group is particularly skilled in pursuing
claims against such distressed entities, including in bankruptcy courts and state and federal
courts. The Conner Law Group routinely represents banks, credit unions and other debt
holders in claims against their debtors, including in hotly-contested adversary proceedings in
bankruptcy court. The Conner Law Group also assists in the structure of workouts, forbearance
arrangements, foreclosures, debt restructuring and any number of other alternative strategies
for its creditor clients.