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Class and Collective Action Litigation

Class action law suits are a legal mechanism used to bring together numerous similarly-situated plaintiffs in an attempt to collectively enforce their rights against a defendant who is alleged to have committed some offense against all of the class members. Defendants embroiled in such litigation are at risk of being subjected to potentially ruinous liability in the event a class action is certified by the court. As such, class action defendants require representation by attorneys who are experienced in dealing with the intricacies of these specialized suits.

The attorneys of The Conner Law Group have zealously defended the rights of class action defendants on numerous occasions. Clients who entrust their defense to The Conner Law Group will have the benefit of the insight, depth of knowledge, and resources possessed by attorneys who will pursue all legal avenues to defeat class action certification and mount an aggressive defense on the merits of the plaintiff’s claims.

Similarly, employers may face collective action suits under the Fair Labor Standards Act by groups of employees.  The Conner Law Group has extensive experience in the defense of collective actions, including managing partner Mike Conner’s successful defense of Wal-Mart in a collective action for all store employees in Georgia, Pilot food and convenience stores, and various boards of public education.