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Protection Against Unfair Competition

Technology advances happen more frequently and have become more complicated, and the laws that govern the protection of innovation and ingenuity have grown proportionally. Mike Conner is capable of managing all facets of antitrust and trade regulation matters for clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to emerging companies in virtually every sector of the economy. The protection of free trade is the cornerstone of American business, and Mr. Conner makes his clients thoroughly familiar with the letter, the spirit and the intent of trade regulation law in order to ensure free and fair competition in any arena.

Mr. Conner counsels businesses, organizations and other entities on a wide variety of antitrust and unfair competition issues, including but not limited to joint ventures, pricing strategies, trade restraint, monopolization, non-compete covenants, market allocations, advertising challenges and product disparagement issues. He has a successful history of representing clients in aggressively contested antitrust and unfair competition litigation in federal and state courts, grand jury proceedings and criminal prosecutions.

By combining comprehensive knowledge of constantly evolving U.S. and international law with a pragmatic understanding of business fundamentals, Mr. Conner is able to provide expert representation which encompasses both a legal and business perspective. His approach to antitrust law and his capabilities as a litigator enable his clients to assess potential risks while accomplishing all of their business objectives.