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Trade Name Litigation

The health of a business or a company can hinge on trademarks. Regardless of the size or scope of a company’s trademark needs, Mike Conner has the knowledge and skill to secure the proper trademark protection, penalize an infringement or defend a challenge for his clients. And regardless of the size or scope of the case, Mr. Conner approaches every client with the same urgency and goal.

Mr. Conner has secured and defended many trademarks and service marks for his clients, and he is well-versed in the area of unfair competition and intellectual property litigation, including copyright, trademark, domain name litigation, trade secret and trade name litigation, antitrust litigation and RICO prosecution and defense.

Mr. Conner takes pride in defending his clients’ products, services and good names. He provides his clients with an informed opinion on the case from the outset, complete with strengths and weaknesses and offers a timeline for resolution as well as a cost and potential liability projection.

Through active collaboration with his client, Mr. Conner develops an A-to-Z strategy that encompasses the entirety of the case and states an end goal. He examines the costs and benefits of each action associated with litigating the case, and he consults the client with these analyses as the case progresses.

And although Mr. Conner will attempt to avoid the consternation and expense of going to trial, if a resolution cannot be reached out of court his litigation experience gives him an advantage in the courtroom.