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Local Government

City and County officials are given the important task of improving their communities and providing vital services for local residents. These officials are asked to sacrifice their time in the effort to serve their fellow citizens and business communities. In doing so, they can come across a myriad of legal issues, from being subject to high-risk law suits, to navigating the complex regulatory and statutory standards local governments must observe. High-level legal advice is necessary to navigate the legal pitfalls that often face local government officials and their municipality or county.

The Conner Law Group’s attorneys serve as general counsel for the City of Jesup, Georgia and associated counsel for a number of other cities, counties, authorities or public boards. . We have represented city and county officials in a wide variety of legal matters all over the State of Georgia. Our clients can trust that our counsel on local government matters is based upon broad knowledge of the array of legal issues such governments and their officials can face. Our attorneys are prepared to fluidly advise local governments on matters as diverse as the day-to-day operation of the Board of Commissioners, redistricting, and even allegations of negligence, fraud and the like.