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Products Liability Law

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that defective, unsafe, or poorly designed products cause over 29 million injuries and more than 21,000 deaths every year. Products liability law enables consumers to recover damages from product manufacturers, vendors, and distributors for injuries due to use of products they make, distribute, or sell. Consumers have legal rights protecting them from defective products and manufacturers are legally obliged to provide safe products. Mike Conner can provide a solution when consumer rights are violated, ignored or neglected. Mr. Conner has earned a reputation during his legal career for thorough preparation and an encyclopedic familiarity with legal theory, and his experience and knowledge can eliminate the intimidation of facing a large manufacturer in a products liability case.

Mr. Conner understands that expert witnesses and strong evidence are key to success in products liability cases and uses each of these to his advantage in a trial. His courtroom experiences have enabled him to develop a keen insight into the best construction methods to build a strong case for his clients.

The word ‘defect’, in products liability law, can be defined multiple ways. When a product does not meet minimum production standards and safety guidelines established to protect consumers, a products liability case may be brought to recover damages or compensation for injury.

But in today’s complex corporate maze, a product’s path to the shelf can be twisted and convoluted. To reach a satisfactory conclusion for the victim of corporate negligence, a talented and diligent attorney like Mike Conner is needed to eliminate confusion through research and building an impenetrable case through preparation.

Mr. Conner has the sharp legal mind needed to conduct a multilayered investigation that identifies all responsible parties in order to ensure justice for clients in products liability cases. Through experience, he knows that well-preserved evidence is incredibly valuable during a trial as is documenting the paper trail of a product and securing of expert witnesses to evaluate the defective product.